Frequently asked questions

Learn how NamesLoL works and discover tips on securing your next name.

How do you estimate when summoner names expire?

We use the Summoner Name Decay Rules which are published on the League of Legends FAQ. We take the summoners last activity date and use the simple formula specified in Riot's FAQ linked above to estimate the expiration date.

What time zones are the dates displayed in?

All times you see have been automatically converted to your local time zone (the time set on your PC or phone).

How often do you refresh/recheck summoner names?

We automatically refresh the summoner names listed on the site to keep the expiration dates up-to-date. Recently expired or upcoming names are refreshed hourly, while names farther out are refreshed weekly or monthly. Names in the lists are also updated when you check them using our name checker.

Will more regions be supported in the future?

If you would like a region to be added, please let us know. You can request a region is added by opening a feature request. Alternatively, you can send a message via Reddit to the OP of this post. If there is enough support for a particular region, we will add it.

Why did a name expire before/after the time listed?

This could happen for various reasons. We rely on the Summoner Name Decay Rules which are published on the League of Legends FAQ to estimate name expiration dates. During our testing, we have found the rules which Riot makes publicly available are usually accurate. However, this is no guarantee that the name will become available at the specified time. The times listed are only estimates.

No matter what name I try, it says it's unavailable?

We have found during testing that Riot will throttle your account if you are checking names too frequently. This will cause any name checked to appear as if it were unavailable. We recommend slowing down and avoid checking name availability from the in-game client too frequently. In our case, these throttles went away in an hour or two.

Do you have any tips on grabbing the name I want?

Yes. We recommend against checking the name availability too frequently from the in-game client - doing so will get your account temporarily throttled and will make any name appear as if it were unavailable. Secondly, we recommend periodically checking the name availability before and after the time listed on the site. The times listed here are estimates and while they are usually accurate, there are cases where the estimated time has been off by a few minutes or even hours.