League of Legends Name List

View upcoming or recently expired summoner names.

NameExpiresExpiry Date
Summoner Iconmegapixel
Summoner Iconbathtime
Summoner Iconunholysinner
Summoner Iconagk
Summoner Iconghettocowboy
Summoner Iconhiller
Summoner Iconthe heimerdonger
Summoner Iconcrout
Summoner Iconsoyluna
Summoner Iconsummoner spells
Summoner Iconproject lucian
Summoner Iconfortnite balls
Summoner Iconspamq
Summoner Iconucp
Summoner Iconnoëlle
Summoner Iconcli
Summoner Iconmangels
Summoner Iconheartz
Summoner Icondesumasu
Summoner Iconpogos
Summoner Iconwod
Summoner Iconabaddonn
Summoner Iconmoses1
Summoner Iconinverter
Summoner Icontaddy
Summoner Iconhebron
Summoner Iconking of dunk
Summoner Icongyms
Summoner Iconrivenge
Summoner Iconderentis
Summoner Iconhtb
Summoner Iconstep yordle
Summoner Iconkja
Summoner Iconbusgirl
Summoner Iconxuv

The times shown have been automatically converted to your timezone and are shown in MM/DD/YYYY format. Expiration dates are estimates we calculate using the Summoner Name Decay rules. To learn more, visit our FAQ.