League of Legends Name List

View upcoming or recently expired summoner names.

NameExpiresExpiry Date
Summoner Iconruri
Summoner Iconslated
Summoner Iconsilent king
Summoner Icongrey gods
Summoner Icongalewings
Summoner Iconher hole
Summoner Iconrgi
Summoner Icontak tak
Summoner Iconader
Summoner Iconyoungbreezy
Summoner Iconidkk
Summoner Iconjack lame
Summoner Iconyoking
Summoner Iconkristoph
Summoner Iconblue velvet
Summoner Iconphotocard
Summoner Iconarcx
Summoner Iconxsennax
Summoner Iconcalendine
Summoner Iconicing
Summoner Icon12121
Summoner Iconcronaldo7
Summoner Icondeadlyplumage
Summoner Iconjeju island
Summoner Iconbopper
Summoner Iconguarantee
Summoner Iconbrooch
Summoner Iconesprit
Summoner Iconarna
Summoner Iconmegs
Summoner Iconzall
Summoner Iconmargaritas
Summoner Iconljf
Summoner Iconnut guzzler
Summoner Iconim ap

The times shown have been automatically converted to your timezone and are shown in MM/DD/YYYY format. Expiration dates are estimates we calculate using the Summoner Name Decay rules. To learn more, visit our FAQ.