League of Legends Name List

View upcoming or recently expired summoner names.

NameExpiresExpiry Date
Summoner Iconturf
Summoner Icontunks
Summoner Iconnickoias
Summoner Iconwhoring
Summoner Iconoshino shinobu
Summoner Iconlavagirl
Summoner Iconjohn tyler
Summoner Iconmarisnot12
Summoner Iconpolecat
Summoner Iconsupercritical
Summoner Iconpatate
Summoner Iconhientien
Summoner Iconpisa
Summoner Iconmageplayer
Summoner Iconunbelievable
Summoner Iconneige
Summoner Iconova
Summoner Iconscarmada
Summoner Iconwet kitty
Summoner Iconhannam
Summoner Icong1oom
Summoner Iconcultus
Summoner Iconwitaker
Summoner Iconhyphy
Summoner Iconocz
Summoner Icondurgesh
Summoner Iconandujar
Summoner Iconkolbe
Summoner Iconef rem
Summoner Iconebobay
Summoner Iconyohoho
Summoner Icontiny kitten
Summoner Iconjeongsan
Summoner Iconsolocarry
Summoner Icondubuque

The times shown have been automatically converted to your timezone and are shown in MM/DD/YYYY format. Expiration dates are estimates we calculate using the Summoner Name Decay rules. To learn more, visit our FAQ.