League of Legends Name List

View upcoming or recently expired summoner names.

NameExpiresExpiry Date
Summoner Iconimpregnate
Summoner Iconsamsung galaxy
Summoner Iconlucario
Summoner Iconbarski
Summoner Iconyiw
Summoner Iconhavocs
Summoner Iconshoaff
Summoner Icongrongos
Summoner Iconviktoy
Summoner Iconkilljoyy
Summoner Icontyche
Summoner Iconthomas sankara
Summoner Iconubel
Summoner Icontedi
Summoner Iconmayonnaise
Summoner Iconnasus rawr owo
Summoner Iconnymphs
Summoner Iconlevel 3
Summoner Iconrolled
Summoner Iconldrago
Summoner Icondisorderly
Summoner Iconslvt gf
Summoner Iconcvx
Summoner Icondennysmaplesyrup
Summoner Iconromee
Summoner Icongivemebrain
Summoner Iconkassidin
Summoner Iconsightseeing
Summoner Iconwilletts
Summoner Iconbeta player
Summoner Iconrattatat
Summoner Iconbdsm kitty
Summoner Iconfadeinyou
Summoner Iconoperate
Summoner Icondakjshdkj

The times shown have been automatically converted to your timezone and are shown in MM/DD/YYYY format. Expiration dates are estimates we calculate using the Summoner Name Decay rules. To learn more, visit our FAQ.