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Expiring Names List

Discover summoner names which have expired or are expiring soon

Name Length
Availability Date
NameLevelExpiresExpiry Date
Summoner Iconvoidfish15 hours ago
Summoner Iconmetera354 hours ago
Summoner Iconlapsus2384 hours ago
Summoner Iconlubben14 hours ago
Summoner Iconzaffer933 hours ago
Summoner Iconfart in a jar103 hours ago
Summoner Iconradom262 hours ago
Summoner Iconfeste242 hours ago
Summoner Iconlebbie48an hour ago
Summoner Iconturle4631 minutes ago
Summoner Icontaobao 311 minutes ago
Summoner Icontoo much water13a minute ago
Summoner Icondetter32in 6 minutes
Summoner Iconthornhill31in 21 minutes
Summoner Iconrascai57in an hour
Summoner Iconaccommodate132in an hour
Summoner Iconaiucard31in 2 hours
Summoner Icondetweiler42in 2 hours
Summoner Iconarrangement31in 2 hours
Summoner Iconlvl70in 2 hours
Summoner Iconbaghdad30in 3 hours
Summoner Iconbloody rose37in 3 hours
Summoner Iconpatens30in 4 hours
Summoner Iconhanley30in 5 hours
Summoner Iconaiken4in 7 hours
Summoner Iconjakobs79in 7 hours
Summoner Iconrecoup1in 8 hours
Summoner Iconiloilo39in 9 hours
Summoner Iconcapaldi30in 9 hours
Summoner Icontrojak55in 10 hours
Summoner Iconsoyas1in 11 hours
Summoner Icondirectly31in 12 hours
Summoner Iconnecklace1in 12 hours
Summoner Iconsenor129in 13 hours
Summoner Iconzyra31in 13 hours

* The times shown are local to you and are in MM/DD/YYYY format. Expiration dates are estimates we calculate using the Summoner Name Decay rules. To learn more, visit our FAQ.